How different is this new strain of the virus?

by Dr. Phil on January 17, 2021

The new strain of the COVID virus has reached Louisiana, now one of at least 16 states confirming its existence. The CDC issued a report warning of higher transmission (1.5 x more transmittable than current). Of course, it’s possible that the strain has been causing the recent surge here in Louisiana since officials just started testing for it.

While it’s comparison in severity & mortality to the original strain is unknown, it’s highly likely that the vaccine will maintain protection. While our vaccination roll out here is slow, people need to remain vigilant.

And while the COVID survival rate is much higher than it used to be, you simply have to do the math to know that if there is easier spread, that’s more cases, which lead to more hospitalizations, which put more strain on the healthcare system.

This isn’t about mortality as much now… It’s about protecting our healthcare workers and ensuring those who need medical care other than COVID will have access to it.

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